// Embedded

Embedded development that works out of the box whilst targetting multiple platforms like STM32, Raspberry Pi, ARM, x86, x64 and much more.

// Desktop & Mobile

Target .NET Core and Avalonia UI to create cross platform UI applications using the latest MVVM frameworks and XAML for Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS and Android.

// Community

Avalon Studio gives you instant access to a community constantly publishing extensions that give you more features, toolchains, build tools, languages and more.

// Flexible

Use the same IDE to target UI .NET Core projects and low level embedded C and C++ project.

// Extensible

With a powerful API quickly and easily bring your platform, service, feature, language, tool, platform, debuugger or compiler to Avalon Studio.


// Transferable

AvalonStudio projects and solutions automatically install all the required tools needed to build the project regardless of the developers OS. Making it very easy for developers on different platforms to collaborate.


Join us on GitHub or come talk to use on Gitter if you would like to help add new features or develop an extension for your platform or service.