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Coming Soon

VitalElement Studio is going cross platform. Development has now started and is progressing well. The new version of the IDE will be called AvalonStudio and will launch early 2016.

Please follow us on GitHub at”, or join the chat at

AvalonStudio will be able to import your existing projects, and provide some of the following new features:

  • Identical experience on Mac, Linux and Windows
  • Works out of the box on all platforms
  • New much faster build and compile time
  • Community Integration of Libraries and Components
  • New Project Types to quickly get up and running on different platforms
  • Improved syntax analysis and debugging tools
  • Easiest “Just Works” way of building software on many toolchains on all the major platforms
  • New Editor with best in class features
  • Code Refactoring
  • Support for other languages and project types (Objective C/C++, C#, .NET)

AvalonStudio is being developed on the new Perspex UI Framework. Please see for more information.

Code Completion

Real time code completion and syntax checking and highlighting.

Auto Formatting

Code is formatted to your coding standards as you type. Keeping your code consistent and optimizing readability.


Full debugging suite supporting many popular debug adaptors including JLink and STLink.

Component Sharing

VitalElement Studio encourages code re-use and sharing via modularization. Code can be shared openly in the cloud or privately amongst team members.


VitalElement Studio encourages modern design techniques, but at the same time is flexible and powerful enough to let you work in your way.

Supported Platforms

Many microcontrollers supported including ARM Cortex, STM32, PIC32.. many more coming soon.


Free Unrestricted Toolchains

VitalElement maintain and provide several GCC and Clang based toolchains giving you the fastest install to execution time.

All the headache is taken out of configuring and setting up toolchains.

Technical Preview

VitalElement Studio is currently in a Technical Preview stage, and is pre-release software. This means that you are likely to find bugs and features that don’t work properly or are unpolished. We will soon have forums and facilities for you to report issues and request features. The software will check for updates when it starts up and will be updated regularly.

Please follow the blog to find details on features as they are added.


Check back soon for guides and information on how to get started.

Get the Technical Preview

BitThunder RTOS

We are currently integrating our BitThunder and VitalElement Studio websites.

BitThunder and VitalElement Studio Integration

VitalElement Studio will soon become the easiest way to start using BitThunder.

Efforts are currently underway to integrate the BT toolkit and project templates into VEStudio.

We will post here with tutorials and information once this work has completed.

VitalElement Studio - Issues

Issues can be reported on our GitHub issues page. Please search to make sure an issue hasn’t already been reported.

All feedback, bug reports and feature requests are greatly welcomed

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